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2021 EVENTS: 


  •  21 February 2021 @ Sishen Golf Club
  • 14 March 2021 @ Kuruman Golf Club
  • 25 July 2021 @ Kuruman Golf Club
  • 08 August 2021 @ Sishen Golf Club


  • 18 April 2021 @ SIshen Golf Club
  • 23 May 2021 @ Kuruman Golf  Club
  • 12 September 2021 @ Kuruman Golf Club
  • 17 October 2021 @ Sishen Golf Club
Entry Form

Entry Form

  • The IdrivechipandputtSA is a junior golf development competition aimed at growing the game by focusing on the three fundamental skills employed in golf: Driving, Chipping, and Putting.
  • By  tapping the creative and competitive spirit of girls and boys ages 6-14, the program provides aspiring junior golfers an opportunity to play with their peers from different background and  schools within the John Taolo Gaitsiwe  (JTG) district in the Northern Cape , South Africa.
  • Participants who performs well and  advance through the idrivechipandputtSA event, would  qualify to play in the JTG KIDS GOLF  which would take place at Sishen Golf Club and Kuruman Golf Club.
  •  The events  are  an initiative by the Makaleng Golf Association as a community outreach program to expand the game of golf to children of all backgrounds in the JTG district in the  Northern Cape South Africa.
  • Makaleng Golf Association is a non profit organisation that is a Golf Union representative for the John Taolo Gaitsiwe Sport Council.

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